Défi et boucles d’oreilles / Challenge and earrings

Je ne peux pas vous montrer ce que j’ai fait ce week end, par contre je peux vous montrer avec quoi j’ai travaillé. Le kit que j’ai acheté à Andrew Thornton pour le défi Sweet Honey et vous verrez tout ça jeudi. Voilà les perles:

I can’t show you what I made this weekend but I can show you what I worked with. 
I worked with the kit  I bought from Andrew Thornton  for the Sweet Honey challenge, and the reveal is on Thursday 14. So let’s see the beads:

J’ai quand même quelques boucles d’oreilles à vous montrer.
Pour me changer les idées et me dégourdir les doigts, quelques paires rapides,

Well I have a few pairs of earrings to show you, 
I needed to change my mind and and stretch my fingers, so I made some quick earrings,

Perles de verre / Glass beads, Helen Jewellery
Tiges / Glass headpins, Nadin Art Glass

8 commentaires sur “Défi et boucles d’oreilles / Challenge and earrings

  1. The Helen Jewellry beads are lovely – I love all your dagger earrings! I panicked for a moment because I'm doing the Sweet Honey challenge as well and haven't made my pieces yet. Then I remembered that on the Allegory Designs Challenge Facebook page, Andrew pushed back the reveal until May 21st since he's been traveling. That means I still have one more weekend to get to work!


  2. Aaaaaaaaaah bead overload! Bead overload! I think my brain's turning to squishy mush – just can't take all the gorgeousness! Love the earrings – especially the last set with those fascinating coloured dangles.Lovely. Do you ever use tumbled gemstones with your work? Not beads – just the polished crystals and stones? They'd be so lovely with your wire-work. Sending summer sunshine from Shroo:)xxx


  3. Oh sure I love gemstones, I'd love to use them not drilled but for now my wire working skills are not sufficient to do that, I can only use them as cabochons in bead embroidery, but I'm working on the wirework…


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