Deux mois. Il m’aura fallu deux mois pour reprendre mes perles et m’inspirer du tableau qu’Isabelle m’avait proposé en… août! Mais voila c’est fait, et quelle plaisir de tisser ces minuscules perles et de voir une spirale se former comme par magie!

Two months. That is how long it took me to go back to my beads and follow the inspiration offered by my friend Isabelle. But I finally did it and I realised how much I missed working with those tiny seed beads and see the magic work!

Champs d’iris près d’Arles, Vincent Van Gogh, mai 1888

Modèle / Pattern: Tuscan Vine Necklace, Carole Ohl (Beadwork, June/July 2018)

8 commentaires sur “Novembre

  1. I love your jewelry and hope you keep showing us more and more 🙂 Beautiful inspiration and realization – I'm not a seed beader and I don't believe I will become one ever but pieces like this bracelet inspire me to at least give it a try 🙂


  2. Lovely idea of using beadwork for an impressionist painting. It is possible to match the mood and feel of the artwork with this technique. You might also enjoy looking at works of pointillism to guide your beadwork


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