Earrings Everyday

Rentrés depuis une semaine et je n’avais encore rien fait, submergée par la quantité. J’ai pris conscience de la quantité de matériel que j’ai accumulé, à tel point que je ne sais plus toujours ou et quand j’ai acheté certaines choses, ce qui n’a plus de sens.
Et je ne parle pas uniquement de perles ou du nécessaire à bijoux, mais du tissus, de la laine, de couleurs dans toutes les formes et matières  possibles.
Première chose, ne plus acheter. D’accord, mais combien de temps, si je veux avoir une chance de réussir, il faut que le délai soit raisonnable, dans un premier temps, un sevrage.
Alors, après avoir consulté Xavier qui me conseille Octobre, j’ai décidé de ne rien acheter jusqu’au 19 octobre. Deux mois, ça n’a l’air de rien, et pourtant… Ensuite on verra.
D’ailleurs, je vais inclure les livres, parce que là aussi j’ai un stock impressionnant, aussi bien papier que numérique!
Et limiter le reste pour peu à peu retrouver de la place, de l’espace et du temps.
Pour passer moins de temps à chercher, et surtout pour redécouvrir mon immense collection et enfin pour faire plutôt qu’avoir.
Bien. Voilà pour les bonnes résolutions. A suivre.
Maintenant quoi faire, la quantité tue l’envie, alors je me suis rappelée du défi mensuel d’ Earrings Everyday, sur le thème des feux de camps et je me suis lancée en ouvrant quelques boîtes de perles.

We’ve been back for a week and I haven’t made anything. I couldn’t, I was overwhelmed by my stash.  I’ve become aware of the huge amount of things I have hoarded, so much so that sometimes I have a hard time remembering where and when I bought them, which makes no sense anymore.
I’m not only talking about beads and whatever you need to make jewelry but also yarn, fabric, colors in all possible shapes and materials.
First thing, I need to stop buying. How long, the longest possible but I should keep the time reasonable if I want a chance to succeed, so after consulting Xavier who told me October, I fixed the date to October 19. Two months, this looks like nothing and yet. After, I’ll see.
By the way I’m going to add books to my non buying list, there again I have an impressive collection in both paper and digital format.
And limit  whatever is not necessary.
I need to reclaim place, space and time.
To spend less time looking for things, to rediscover my huge collection and make more than get.
Well, enough with my resolutions. We’ll see if I can keep them and how long.
Now, what to make. The quantity killed the desire to make so I looked into different inspirations and remembered the campfire theme of the Earrings Everyday monthly challenge.

Perles de verre / Glass beads, Uglibeads
Tiges goutte de verre et doubles / Glass and double headpins, NadinArtGlass
Crochets d’oreilles et connecteurs / Copper earwires and connectors, Faerystones

Et maintenant, je peux finir mon livre.

And now I can finish my book.

10 commentaires sur “Earrings Everyday

  1. Gorgeous earrings. Love all the dangles. I too have such a collection of craft materials I hardly know where to look when I can't find something. I could probably manage to not buy more \ »stuff\ » for a few months, as long as I could still get books. I need books. LOL.


  2. I have the same problem with not being able to find things… mostly because they never get put away. Right now it looks like a bead store exploded in my studio! I love your earrings! The texture on the metal, the beads you picked for the dangles, the rustic wire wraps… all yummy!


  3. You and me, both! I can barely walk through my studio right about now. But I am desperate to get the pieces all done for this upcoming art exhibit so everything else has taken a back seat. I have not bought much of anything in the past year or so, but every so often I do break my bead fast… just did that with Heather Powers new beads. Yummy. But truly I have to make with what I've got. So I will gladly be your purge buddy! 😉 I adore your earrings. The crusty metal and those stunning glass flame headpins. Wonderful! Thanks for playing with me in the We're All Ears challenge. Enjoy the day! Erin


  4. beautiful, rustic boho – love these. I think we all suffer from hoarding … the beads just call to me when I shop! My husband put me on a 'bead diet' last year and I went from May through Dec with no purchases. Perhaps one of the hardest things I've done in a long, long time


  5. Oh I am so thrilled to see these lovely earrings, dear Karin! They are so lively yet filled with earthy, grounded energy. I can identify with the 'needing to use the stash' challenge – I'm the same way with many art supplies. It's hard not to squirrel things away for the winter. I wish you resolve and inspiration as you go deep into your collection 🙂 xoxoxo — Julie


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