Make a Statement Jewelry Challenge

Sally Russick nous a nouveau proposer un défi.
Faire une pièce unique, osée qui affirme quelque chose, un message, une personnalité.
Une pièce qui se remarque.
Je n’ai pas fait ce que je voulais, j’ai failli abandonner et puis j’ai essayé un collier, pas aussi imposant, pas aussi coloré que je l’avais imaginé au début.
J’étais parti sur des couleurs plus flamboyantes, un peu Bollywood et j’ai terminé par quelque chose de plus simple, un peu trop simple.

Sally Russick challenged us again, to make a statement piece this time. That is, a bold, unique piece which conveys a message, a feeling, a personality.
A piece you can not ignore.
Well, I didn’t do what I wanted, I almost dropped out and finally I tried this necklace. It is not as bold and colorful as I had imagined it.
I had thought of more blazing colors, something more Bollywood like and I ended up something simpler, a little too simple.

Eléphant en céramique / Ceramic elephant, Blueberribeads

Il manquait quand même quelque chose, je voulais plus de couleurs, plus de fouillis, alors hier je me suis  décidée pour une paire de boucles d’oreilles, mon temps étant limité.

There was something missing, I wanted something with more colors, messier, so yesterday I decided to make a pair of earrings, as my time was limited.

Connecteur en céramique / Ceramic connector, Scorched Earth
Tiges  en verre / Glass head pins, NadinArt Glass

C’était plus ça que j’avais en tête pour le collier, mais parfois on ne va pas exactement là ou on voulait.

This is more what I had in mind for the necklace, but sometimes you don’t go exactly where you were heading to.

Maintenant il est temps d’aller  voir les bijoux créés par les autres participantes, et pour ce faire, cliquez sur les liens:

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21 commentaires sur “Make a Statement Jewelry Challenge

  1. Oh – I think the necklace has tons of character – that red/orange really makes it pop! And the elephant – well it is gorgeous! The earrings are fabulous – definitely a statement piece for one's ears! I can imagine the awesome swing! Beautiful!


  2. I so love both the necklace and the earrings. They are both total statement pieces. I love the elephant – so charming! I also love that the necklace and earrings have totally different color schemes, yet both are so bold. Both the necklace and earrings are really the kind of thing I always want to make – bold and full. Great work.


  3. Karin – I am practically speechless after looking at this MAGNIFICENT piece!!! WOW!! This elephant focal is just amazing, and I love how you used bold but simple stones for the neckpiece. Okay. Well I guess i\ »m not speechless! haha . Just spectacular work!!!


  4. Wow ..the elephant necklace is so unique. Definitely makes an attention gettert. I admire your beading skills.The messier more colorful earrings grabbed my attention! Fabulous! Totally me!


  5. Oh my gosh – I am SO glad you didn't drop out. I love the necklace AND the earrings. I am partial to the earrings. You have pulled all those wonderful colors and textures together in a perfect combination. It's incredible that the inspiration came to you and you made them yesterday! Fantastic!


  6. I think you got it 100% 'right'! The necklace is just bold enough to make the gorgeous components really pop..yet it's not too bold to make the piece unwearable. Your design fabulously showcases the lovely elephant face, and with such sweet flowers (bonus points!!). The, 'totally feeling' the wild groove!


  7. Oh Karin!! Those earrings with all the brilliant colors are STUNNING!! So fun and are a definite showstopper!! I love all the unique beads, WOW!!!And the elephant pendant is amazing and the little flowers are the perfect accent!! Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! Hope you can make the next one!


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