Juillet / July

J’essaie de reprendre le rythme et il faut bien l’admettre, les inspirations mensuelles de Art Bead Scene font bien les choses. Voici celle en cours:

I’m trying to get back into the rhythm of creating and I must say that the Art Bead Scene monthly challenges are a great help. So here is what they offered this month:

Still Life with Shells, 1640
BBalthasar van der Ast
Pigments on Panel

J’ai aimé l’éclectisme des formes, des couleurs et des sujets et je me suis fait plaisir en ne choisissant que des perles d’artistes.
Des perles en céramique de Claire Lockwood, Something to do beads
Des pendentifs en céramique de Petra Carpreau, Scorched Earth
Des perles en verre de April Larson,  Sharpline Designs
Des perles en verre de Glass Bead Art

I liked the the eclectic forms, colors and subjects and I treated myself by using only Art Beads.
Ceramic beads by Claire Lockwood, Something to Do Beads
Ceramic pendants by Petra Carpreau, Scorched Earth
Glass beads April Larson from Sharpline Designs
Glass beads from Glass Bead Art.

15 commentaires sur “Juillet / July

  1. Don't quite know where to start…so many details to ooh and aah over. It all works so wonderfully together with not one or two art beads, but a heaping portion! Bravo!!


  2. For not knowing what to do you certainly stepped up your game with this one, Miss Karin! I am fascinated by the encrusted treasure in this beautiful neckpiece. It really does mimic the underwater cavern with all the hidden loot! Thank you for participating in the Art Bead Scene Challenge for July! Enjoy the day! Erin


  3. This is so fabulous, Karin – and couldn't be more spot-on for the challenge! All those delicious art beads….. and they look like they were all meant for each other. I love the Art Bead Scene challenges as well – I shall have to see what I can come up with for this one…. I'm always grateful for a little nudge outside the box. xoxo


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