Lièvres de mars / March Hares Reveal

Pour le mois de mars, Art Jewelry Elements proposait de créer sur le thème du lièvre, et tous les membres ont créé des composants sur ce  thème que vous pouvez voir ici. J »en ai acheté quelques uns et j’ai choisi un lièvre regardant la lune de THEA Elements.
Ce ne sont pas vraiment mes couleurs habituelles mais il m’a tout de suite attirée et je le trouvais mystérieux.
J’ai imaginé toutes sortes de montages et finalement c’est le free form peyote qui s’est imposé.
J’ai ajouté un cabochon visage de Earthenwood Studio et un bouton lune de Green Girl studios.
Je me suis beaucoup amusée à mélanger librement tous les éléments pour ce défi.
Vous verrez mes autres perles lièvres plus tard…

For March Art Jewelry Elements created a hare themed challenge and all the members created components inspired by hares. You can see them here. I ordered some and chose to participate with a hare watching the moon pendant from THEA Elements.
The colors are not the ones I would usually choose but I was immediately attracted to it and I found the pendant quite mysterious.
I imagined all sorts of designs for it and finally chose free form peyote. It seemed the right choice to me.
I added a face cabochon from Earthenwood Studio and a moon button from Green Girl studios.
I had a lot of fun playing so freely with all the components for this challenge.
You will see my other hare beads later…

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19 commentaires sur “Lièvres de mars / March Hares Reveal

  1. OOOOHHHH. Its fabulous, different, interesting, eye catching. The white rounds sprinkled through the freeform are like stars… the Green Girl button, the Earthenwood face cab – this hare is in good art bead company! And I have a tray set aside – the ingredients to try freeform peyote. You have nudged me one step closer! Thanks for joining the AJE team on this inaugural theme challenge ! Stay tuned for more!


  2. Beautiful beautiful! Your colors and free-form peyote were the perfect way to showcase Thea's pendant! It makes me feel like I'm seeing a sweet bunny in a soft meadow on a perfect, warm Spring evening, just as the moon is appearing. (Can you tell I've had enough of Winter?..ready for Spring!)


  3. Wonderful, really amazing! You truly are The artist. I love your design, the colours are just perfect, and the components are beautiful. And your skill of free form peyote stitching, wow. I was going to take part to this after a long time, but nowadays I have so little time. But Thea´s hares I would have bought. 🙂


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