Retard / Late

J’ai quatre kits de retard! 
Je suis abonnée aux kits de  The Curious Bead Shop et tous les mois Rebecca envoie une belle boîte avec un assortiment de perles.
Depuis novembre, j’ai perdu le fil. Les kits Autumn Song, Holiday Glow et Awakening Lights sont restés dans leurs petits paquets et je viens de recevoir le dernier, Marsala.
J’ai donc tout sorti, et depuis deux jours je travaille dessus. Autumn Song est encore entier, mais j’ai pioché dans Holiday Glow et Awakening Lights pour faire ceci.

I am four kits late!
 I’ve subscribed to The Curious Bead Shop kits and and every month I receive a lovely box filled with beads from Rebecca.
I’ve lost track of the kits since november, Autumn Song, Holiday Glow and Awakenig Lights were still in their box and I’ve just received the latest kit, Marsala.
So I took everything out, and I’ve been working on them for two days. Autumn Song remains untouched yet but I used and mixed beads from Holiday Glow and Awakening Lights to make this.

Pendentif et perles en céramique/ Pendant and ceramic beads, Grubbi
Connecteur bracelet et perles en céramique / Bracelet bar and ceramic beads, Grubbi
Pendentif et connecteur en céramique / Ceramic pendant and connector, Grubbi
Oiseau en céramique / Ceramic bird, Blueberribeads
Ce qu’il reste de Holiday Glow et Awakening Lights / What is left of Holiday Glow and Awakening Lights

Autumn Song

12 commentaires sur “Retard / Late

  1. I couldnt help but smile at your last comment – pile of things to undo – Haaaa a single seater couch in my living room is filled with such projects which I have not cleaned for nearly a month


  2. I am also always late, thank you for not being the only one ^^The design with the grubbi beads is really beautiful! I have quite a lot grubbi beads still hoarded but also used two earring drops with awakening. Would you also upload your bead images to Rebeccas group pleeeeeease? I still forget to take pictures in time and then I am not sure anymore which bead belonged to which kit… ehm… *blush*


  3. I am absolutely in love with purple now so I adore that first necklace. Also the blue green necklace is stunning – I can sense a sort of glow coming for the beads – what type of beads are they?


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