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Quelle surprise! Je savais qu’un de mes colliers allait être publié dans le numéro d’été de Stringing Magazine. Ce qui était déjà quelque chose, mais lorsque j’ai vu la couverture sur mon écran d’ordinateur…
Il était en couverture!!
Je l’ai maintenant reçu en version papier, ainsi que mon collier. Alors pour ceux qui n’ont pas le magazine, le voici:

What a surprise! I knew one of my necklaces was going to be published in the Summer issue of Stringing Magazine, which was already something big, but when I saw the cover on my computer screen… It was there!!
I have now received the paper version and my necklace. So for those who don’t get the magazine, here it is:

10 commentaires sur “Couverture / Cover

  1. Congrats, Karin! I bought this last month (it is the only magazine I buy in hardcopy) and noticed right away you were featured on the cover… I didn't realize it would be a surprise to you 🙂 You are the \ »poster child\ » for the facet theme! I think they took GREAT photos, don't you?


  2. Thank you for visiting Divya! The wood faceted beads, I found in a shop called La Droguerie in Paris, but I saw some equivalents on Etsy and the resin faceted beads are from an online shop called perlesandco.


  3. Congratulations Karin! I received my copy a few weeks ago and saw you were the cover model! It's a beautiful necklace! I love the color combo and textures! Isn't is wonderful and thrilling to get such a surprise?! 🙂


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