A nos oreilles / We’re all ears

Un défi, des boucles d’oreilles, des souvenirs.

Voici l’inspiration du mois de proposée par Earrings Everyday
Il y a 18 ans nous marchions dans ce fabuleux paysage.
A challenge, some earrings, memories
Here is Earrings Everyday‘s August inspiration.
18 years ago we visited this amazing place.

Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Maintenant des tiges et perles de verre de Numinosity Beads, des perles en céramique grecque etdes perles de verre de Outwest pour se souvenir.

And now glass  beads and head pins from Numinosity Beads with greek ceramic and glass beads from Outwest to remember.

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43 commentaires sur “A nos oreilles / We’re all ears

  1. Oh yes! I love the swirly colors in Firelily's beads! And now you have a whole mess to wear for different days of the week! Thanks for playing with me in the We're All Ears challenge. Check back on Friday, November 7th for the next one! Enjoy the day. Erin


  2. Wow. I adore these earrings! From the tips of those flame curled glass headpins to the gentle curve on the ear wires. Beautiful! I am envious that you have been to this place. I think that it is something that should be on my bucket list for sure! Thank you for participating in the Earrings Everyday We're All Ears challenge. Check back on the blog on September 4th for the next inspiration! Enjoy the day! Erin


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