Un titre bien mystérieux pour le défi organisé par Therese Frank de Therese’s Treasures de et Christine Altmiller de One Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry.
Le thème cette fois-ci était la broderie.
Au départ comme d’habitude j’ai vu grand, et le temps passant mes ambitions sont devenues plus raisonnables.
C’est également le moment que j’ai choisi pour trier mes livres, et que dire, j’en ai beaucoup. Alors j’ai trié les romans, les essais, puis sont venus les livres de perles. Le tri dans ces derniers à été minime. Par contre je me suis dit que d’avoir autant de modèles et inspirations et s’en servir si peu, n’avait pas de sens.
J’ai choisi un modèle de Sherri Serafini dans Sensational Bead Embroidery.
C’était également un bon moyen d’utiliser mes Swarovski.

A mysterious title, in fact the A Time To Stitch  #7 challenge organized by Therese Frank from Therese’s Treasures and and Christine Altmiller from One Kiss Creations Beaded Jewelry.
This time it was all about bead embroidery.
I started thinking big as usual, and as time was running out my ambitions became more reasonable.
That was the time when I started decluttering my book shelves because, how can I say, I have so many books. When I reached the bead books section, I couldn’t select so many unnecessary books. But I had to think that having so many patterns and inspirations and not using them was ridiculous.
So I chose a project from Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery, the Rivoli brooch. 
Also a good way to use my Swarovski crystals.

Et maintenant allons voir d’autres broderies,

And now let’s hop over to all the other embroidery projects, 

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34 commentaires sur “ATTS #7

  1. Karin – every now and again, while I am reading a blog, I scroll down and when I reach the photo of the said blog's subject….I gasp aloud in delight!!! That's what I did for this post today! WOW – I'm positively LOVING this brooch. The colors, the beadwork, it's just beautiful!!!


  2. Beautiful brooch Karin! I love Sherry Sarafini and her work is the reason why I've been wanting to try bead embroidery. Her work is also why I've been intimidated to do so! =) Your work is beautiful and I love the colors you chose for this piece.


  3. I had to laugh at your comment over the books. I have trouble getting rid of any book, but getting rid of a bead book – no way. You did an amazing job with this brooch. It's a fun and joyous piece, my favorite kind of jewelry. It gives me a feeling of celebration and the freedom of dancing when you feel the music so deeply you just can't help yourself. For a small in size piece it has a huge presence and shines very brightly!


  4. Oh my goodness, I have that book and hadn't even noticed that piece as Sherry's is so….boring, frankly! (or maybe it's just the photography). Yours is smashing!! LOVE the colour combination, and the whole project just sings to me. Winner!!


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