Creating with Cabochons / Créer avec des cabochons

Sally Russick organize des défis auxquels j’aime participer, que ce soit photos ou perles. Cette fois-ci, il s’agissait de créer avec des cabochons.
Je m’y suis mise très tard, j’ai du mal à m’organiser en ce moment. Et quand je n’arrive pas à m’organiser j’hésite. Trop.
J’ai essayé toutes sortes de cabochons, je me suis dit que j’allais changer de technique. Pour l’instant je ne sais que broder autour des cabochons.
Comme d’habitude, lorsque le temps presse toutes sortes d’idées défilent. Mais impossible, pas de temps.
Alors après tout je me suis dit que je pourrais peut-être partir d’un cabochon que j’avais fabriqué lors de mes premiers essais de résine.
Voilà qui rentrait bien dans le thème, créer le cabochon et créer avec le cabochon.
D’habitude j’ajoute toujours des franges, mais cette fois-ci je suis restée aussi simple que je pouvais.
La réalisation n’est pas aussi aboutie que ce que j’avais en tête mais pour une première je m’en satisferais.

Sally Russick organizes challenges I always try to participate to, whether it be photography or beads. This time it was all about creating with cabochons.
I started very late, I have some trouble with my planning these days, and when my planning goes wrong, I hesitate. A lot.
I tried all sorts of cabochons, I thought I would try some other technique. For now, the only thing I manage to do with cabs is bezeling with beads and embroidery.
As usual, when time is running ideas flow. But no, really, I had no time.
Eventually, I thought I could start from one of the cabochons I had made when I first tried resin, a few weeks ago.
That would perfectly fit the theme, creating a cab and creating with a cab. 
I usually love fringe, but didn’t put any, kept it as simple as I could.
It is not totally what I had in mind, but for a first I think it will do.

Et maintenant, la liste des autres participants, pour aller voir d’autres créations autour du cabochon.

And now, the participants’ list, to see all the creations around cabochons.

Niky Sayers

14 commentaires sur “Creating with Cabochons / Créer avec des cabochons

  1. You are too often too critical of yourself 🙂 It looks great! I like how you combined the shape with the chain, with the three bigger links at the back and also how well it goes with the steampunk theme that you used tiny square beads in the bezel!


  2. Karin,The way you paired the chain maille with the metal seed beads is fabulous! And that steampunk cab is so very cool!!! BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to participate in the challenge!!


  3. What a lovely piece, I love that you made your own cab, that is so cool! I also love how you have used chainmaille and bead embroidery in your piece and great colours they go so nicely together!


  4. Wow – its got that perfect steampunk feel to it with all the gears, beadwork and that fantastic chainmaille. I can so imagine someone in a white ruffled frock with a corset blouse and hat, with this necklace, dreaming about visiting Victorian London


  5. Karin, your work is gorgeous as usual! If that's what you create with no time, I can't wait to see the result when you do have time. The resin-encased \ »time pieces\ » are perfect with the chainmaille. And I love the different textures of the beads you chose for the cab embellishment. Perfection!


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