Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday 11-15

Et voici les cinq derniers jours du mini défi photo de Sally Russick.

Here are the five last days and prompts of Sally Russick‘s mini photo challenge.

Jour 11 / Day 11: macro
Jour 12 / Day 12: temptation (tentation)
Jour 13 / Day 13: sweetness (douceur)
Jour 14 / Day 14: love (amour)
Perles/Beads, Majoyoal
Jour 15 / Day 15: togetherness (être ensemble)

6 commentaires sur “Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday 11-15

  1. Hi Karin,Great photos, your temptation and sweetness are both of my temptations in life it is very hard to stay away from the sweets and chocolate. Love the clay heart set of beads. Coming together to share a meal is always a wonderful thing.Therese


  2. Karin, All of your images are wonderful, but the togetherness photo is my favorite! I love the way it makes the viewer anticipate a moment! Beautifully done! Thank you for participating in the challenge! Oh and those beads, *swoon*!


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