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Comme je l’ai dit hier je me suis inscrite à cet évènement organisé par Vicky de 2 Bags Full pour échanger. J’ai commencé ce blog en mars 2013 et même si par ci par là apparaissent quelques petites choses sur moi, il s’agit surtout de mes histoires de perles. Je vais donc en dire un tout petit peu plus pour me présenter.

As I said yesterday I signed in for the Grow Your Blog Event organized by Vicky of 2 Bags Full to exchange and to discover new blogs. I started this blog in March 2013 and if here and there you learn a few things about me, it’s mostly about my bead stories. So I guess this is when I introduce myself.

Je m’appelle Karin et longtemps je n’ai pas pensé  créer quelque chose de mes mains.
J’ai toujours aimé les livres, toutes les formes d’art et surtout la couleur. Je ne sais plus vraiment comment j’ai commencé, ni vraiment quand mais je crois qu’à la naissance de chacun de mes trois enfants, j’ai passé un pallier dans la possibilité d’utiliser mes mains.
D’abord la mosaïque, puis les matières textiles, laine et tissus. Et enfin les perles. Je me souviens après la naissance de Lou d’un petit magasin de perles à Hyères. J’y ai acheté mon premier kit.
Puis ce sont les blogs, les magazines, les livres, la plupart américains pour apprendre le tissage.
Plus récemment la découverte des perles d’art, toujours grâce aux blogs.
Mais toujours, les couleurs, les matières, et la découverte de nouvelles techniques.
J’ai commencé à blogger tard et je le regrette car j’ai découvert un nouveau monde, des gens fabuleux, de l’inspiration, des encouragements, de l’entraide et beaucoup d’échanges.
J’ai commencé ce blog en français, ma langue maternelle mais très vite j’ai ressenti le besoin d’écrire en anglais.
Les langues sont très importantes pour moi, elles sont des portes d’entrée vers d’autres cultures.
J’ai eu la chance de passer mes 18 premières années aux Pays-Bas, d’être un an lectrice aux Etats-Unis, d’habiter Paris, de voyager souvent et de continuer à le faire.
Et j’enseigne l’anglais depuis 20 ans , c’était donc ma deuxième langue obligatoire.
J’aime autant m’exprimer dans l’une ou l’autre. Selon les jours, j’ai plus de facilités dans l’une ou l’autre et je ne dis pas forcément tout à fait la même chose.
Bref tout ça pour dire que dans ce blog j’essaie de partager mes histoires de perles, et pourquoi pas d’autres histoires par la suite.
Et pour conclure, j’offre ce collier, un des dernier fabriqué et que j’aime beaucoup car il mélange les perles d’artistes, des perles plus ordinaires, des pierres,  des couleurs magnifiques et différents métaux.
Je l’ai fait à l’occasion du Muffin Tin Challenge organisé par Heather Powers de Humblebeads.
Il vous suffit de laisser un commentaire avec un moyen de vous joindre et le 15 février je tirerais au sort un gagnant.

My name is Karin and for a long time I didn’t think about creating something with my hands.
I have always loved books, all kinds of arts and above all color.
I don’t really remember when I started, or how but it seems that with every one of my three children, I took a step closer to creativity and the possibility of using my hands to make things.
First I tried mosaic, then textiles with yarn and fabric. Finally beads. 
I remember some time after Lou’s birth, finding a little bead shop in Hyères in the South of France. This is where I bought my first beading kit. It seemed like something that could help me deal with the three children and going back to work.
Then came books, magazines and blogs, most of them American, where I learned bead weaving. It was so relaxing.
More recently, I discovered Art Beads, again thanks to blogs.
But there were always colors, materials and new techniques.
I didn’t blog at that time, I didn’t even think I could do that. I started late and I regret not having started earlier because I discovered a whole new world, fabulous people, inspiration, support, help and a lot of exchange and sharing.
I naturally started this blog in French, but very soon I felt the need to write in English too.
Languages are very present in my life, they are doors to other cultures.
I am lucky to have spent my first 18 years in The Netherlands, then  one year in the United States as a    French lecturer, to live in Paris, to  have travelled quite a lot and be able to keep doing it .
And I have been teaching English for 20 years, so I had to blog in English too.
I enjoy writing and speaking in both languages. Some days it is easier in one or the other and sometimes I don’t say exactly the same. I’m not really translating myself.
All this to say that with this blog, I’m trying to share my bead stories, and why not some other stories later.
And now the giveaway. I’m giving away this necklace I made for the Muffin Tin Challenge organized by Heather Powers from Humblebeads. I love it very much because it is a mix of a lot of what I love, beautiful colors, beautiful Art beads, gemstones, different metals.
You only have to leave a comment with a way to contact you and on February 15 I will pick a random winner.

Pendant: Inviciti
Glass Wing Dings: Genea Beads

Et je ne résiste pas à vous montrer les perles de Happy Fish reçues aujourd’hui…

And I can’t resist showing you the Happy Fish beads I received today…

Et maintenant j’ai hâte de découvrir de nouveaux blogs! La liste est LA

I can’t wait to discover new blogs! The list is HERE

53 commentaires sur “Grow Your Blog

  1. Hi Karin–Nice to meet you through the GYB party, and to learn a bit about you. Thank you for including the English translation as well…I commend you for the time it must take you to write both versions. Love your bead work, especially the reds combined with the bit of turquoise in your awesome giveaway necklace!! I love the focal piece, too. I don't do a lot of beading, but I do soldered jewelry, which you can see on my blog (come visit!). I'm signing up to follow you!


  2. I love your work Karin, and your blog is one of my favourites. When my brain is feeling strong, I try and read the French first! I am fascinated to read of all your travels – do you speak Dutch too then? Wow. I wish I was good at languages, but although I am good at accents I'm just terrible at remembering vocab. No fluency. Which is a shame as my mum is fantastic – she lived in Zürich when she was younger and speaks Swiss-German fluently, German well and French not badly either. Whereas I can only really manage English, although I stagger through French and German when I'm lucky enough to be visiting. I am so glad you discovered blogging too as your jewellery is so beautiful and I am continually inspired by it.


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