Metal and Gemstone Blog Hop / Métal et pierres

Lisa Lodge de  A Grateful Artist – Pine Ridge Treasures organise des événements autour de thèmes divers. Vous avez déjà vu céramique, Winter Sparkle (Hiver étincelant) et Océan.
Aujourd’hui, c’est métal et pierres, voici ce que j’ai reçu, et bien non finalement vous ne saurez pas, car j’ai oublié de faire une photo.
Donc je vais directement passer aux colliers, car je n’ai fait que des colliers. Je trouvais que c’était ce qui mettait le plus en valeur ces beaux jaspes paysages et les perles de métal.

Lisa Lodge from A Grateful Artist – Pine Ridge Treasures organizes hops and events around particular theme. You’ve already seen one about clay, the Winter Sparkle one and the Ocean Blog Hop.
Today is Metal and Gemstone and here is what I got, well no, you won’t see what I started from as I forgot to take a picture.
So, I’ll show you the necklaces, I made only necklaces as they seemed to be the best option to showcase these beautiful  picture jasper beads and metal beads.

Perles de verre / Glass Beads Firelily

Pendant, Mary Harding

Pendant, Clayworks

Merci à Lisa d’organiser ces évènements et rendez-vous pour le prochain, le 2 août, Carnaval d’été. Il faut que je m’y mette d’urgence!!
Pour voir d’autres créations, suivez les liens ci-dessous:

Thank you to  Lisa to organize these events and don’t forget to come around August 2nd for the next hop, Summer Carnival. I’d better get to work!!
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24 commentaires sur “Metal and Gemstone Blog Hop / Métal et pierres

  1. What a wonderful group of necklaces. I can just look at them again and again. I love how you used the point beads in a riot of texture and combined with that red! I also love the one pop of blue bead in the second necklace. You have this knack of using color so perfectly. That is true in all the necklaces but especially the third one with the well placed aqua and purple. And I am always impressed with your bead weaving. These pieces make me want to get some picture jasper because you make it look so beautiful!


  2. I love all of your necklaces. I especially like the turquoise combination with the picture jasper but then again the one with the red is pretty special too. And the bead work around the picture jasper pendant is brilliant! Very, very nice as always, Karen.


  3. wonderful look when you added the one Turquoise bead to the right side and then I saw the other Turquoise colored one then the red touches you really gave me a new view on color Margaret Pelech


  4. Your necklace with the red is STUNNING! How on EARTH did you get the daggers to sit that way? This is a technique I must learn….. Beautiful, beautiful!Lindahttp://fromTheBeadBoard.blogspot.com


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