Focus on Life 3/52

Semaine 3: photo en noir et blanc de moi!
Ou la la…
On va commencer par un oeil.

Week 3: black and white photo of me!
Not that easy
I’ll start with an eye.

Et un deuxième,
And a second one,

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17 commentaires sur “Focus on Life 3/52

  1. Karin! You are beautiful in both!! I don't know if you realized that the way you took the photos, with the camera in front visible in both photos, you are giving the message in the first one that you are more comfortable behind the camera and in the second one that you speak through your photography (you have the camera in front of your mouth. Thank you for the beautiful photos they speak volumes to me!!!!


  2. Miss Karin, I think you are beautiful! Your eyes have such a depth to them, a kindness and a curiosity. And your hair is so full and glowing, like a halo! I love it! Embrace your beauty Miss Karin because no one can wear it quite like you! And now seeing a sneak peek of your face, I will envision that when I see your pretty pieces! Enjoy the day. Erin


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