Lettres / Letters

Aujourd’hui, c’est le jour, et le thème du défi Art Elements ce mois-ci, les lettres. Ce n’étaient pas les idées qui manquaient mais j’ai choisi d’utiliser les perles de Blueberribeads que j’avais depuis très longtemps pour faire un collier.

Today is the reveal of this month’s Art Elements challenge, the February theme was letters and I had a lot of ideas but a lot less time, as usual, so I chose a set of written beads from blueberribeads I had bought a long time ago to make a necklace.

C’était pour être sûre d’avoir quelque chose à présenter. Mais ce que je voulais vraiment faire, c’était essayer quelque chose de nouveau, cette fois-ci la broderie. Voici donc deux essais, le premier d’écriture, et le second de blackwork. J’espère bien pouvoir les intégrer dans de plus grands projets mais ce n’est qu’un début! Il y a tellement d’autres façons de décliner les lettres que j’ai envie d’essayer!

That, was to be sure I made something. But what I really wanted was to try something new, embroidery this time. So here are two firsts, one of handwriting, the other of blackwork. I hope I can soon integrate them into something bigger. That’s only a start! There are so many other ways of playing with letters that I want to try!

Et maintenant en route vers les autres créations lettrées:

And now hop on to the other lettered creations:





Evie and Beth




Art Elements Team







12 commentaires sur “Lettres / Letters

  1. Those beads are indeed pretty sweet, and your necklace is to DIE FOR! It’s gorgeous. I’m smitten with the details of it.
    And, I’m glad you were able to get to the embroidery and do something new. It worked out beautifully. I can’t wait to see what you do next with this new skill.


  2. I love the interplay of scale in your necklace. The larger chunkiness of the beads combined with the minute detail of the text. Those beads of Caroline’s are so great! Did you enjoy the embroidery? Its looking good! Thank you for joining us!


  3. That necklace is so cool! And I live that you tried something new for the challenge. It’s amazing how quickly the month disappears when you have so many plans.
    Great work and thanks for participating in the challenge this month!


  4. I really love your necklace, it’s beautifully balanced and very wearable. It’s great that you tried something new and your sewing is wonderfully neat, you are clearly a natural.


  5. I love the stunning necklace. It reminds me of the vintage shops we found at Marches aux Puche. By the way, do you know that you have pinterest turned off on your site? I wasn’t sure if that was intentional and wanted to tell you to check.


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