We’re all ears

Premier défi de ce mois d’aout, celui du blog Earrings Everyday, faire des boucles d’oreilles en s’inspirant de ceci:

First challenge in August, We’re all ears from the Earrings Everyday blog. This month’s inspiration was this:

Des motifs de tissus, des cercles.
Je suis tout de suite partie sur une broderie. Trop vite certainement.
J’ai commencé, puis de plus en plus sceptique terminé une broderie.
Elle ne me plaît pas du tout, irrégulière, mal composée mais je vous la montre quand même.

Fabric  circle patterns.
I immediately opted for embroidered earrings and was probably to quick in deciding. 
I started, then as I went on I felt more and more skeptical but finished it.
I don’t like it. It is irregular, badly composed but I’ll still show it to you.

Pour la deuxième, on verra…
Donc pour pouvoir quand même participer, j’ai décidé de tenter des boucles d’oreilles en tissus, avec des cercles évidemment.
C’est simple, amusant et tout léger.

I don’t know yet if I’ll make a second one.
But, in order to participate to the challenge, I had to make something. 
I decided to try fabric earrings, with circles of course.
They’re simple, fun and very light weight.

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9 commentaires sur “We’re all ears

  1. I love the fabric earrings, they have such a great print. The shape is know as Potli in India as they resemble a small drawstring bag worn at the waist by women (potli) that is filled with items. I made a a tutorial based on a similar style many years ago


  2. They're both great! I think the embroidery is really interesting. And, the time it must have taken you to do it is impressive enough! The completed pair are really cute too. I love the unique-ness of their shape!


  3. I think that both are very ingenious and fun! And I don't always like what I make, or experiment with, but I always find it as a great exercise in imagination. I really like the beaded one. That would make a great pendant! Thanks for playing along with We're All Ears! Enjoy the day! Erin


  4. I love both your pieces. You could see if adding a beaded edge in contrast color to your black piece will make you happier, but I find it pretty as is! (I think we're far more critical of our own work than we are of others'. 😉 ) The cloth ones give out an aura of fun and energy with their bright and bold colors.


  5. I like the beaded earrings. Perhaps when you add some colorful fringe, you will be more happy with them? And your fabric earrings are so much fun. And I love that you used fabric, as the colors and patterns of Spoonflower were from fabric.


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